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Your Guide to Navigating Cannabis in New Jersey

In the evolving landscape of cannabis in New Jersey, Sparkology emerges as your compass, guiding you through this new terrain with grace, knowledge, and a touch of elegance. As aficionados with a passion for both the profound and the subtle nuances of cannabis, we’re here to offer an enriching experience that caters to both the initiated and the curious first-timers.

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Who's Eligible to Buy?

Are you old enough?

The doors are open to anyone 21 and older—whether you’re a New Jersey citizen or just passing through.

What's on offer?

During your New Jersey cannabis dispensary visit, there’s a wide range of products available, from 28.35 grams (or 1 ounce) of dried flower to:

  • 4 grams of solid cannabis concentrates or resin, or equivalent in liquid form
  • 4 grams of vaporized formulations (oil)
  • 1000 mg of ingestible cannabis-infused products, like gummies


Mixing and matching products is also an option, ensuring you find just the right combination to meet your needs, keeping in mind the legal product categories that include everything from dried flower to tinctures and edibles.

The Legal landscape

What You Need to Know

The term cannabis is often interchanged with weed, reefer, Mary Jane among several others in popular culture. Yet, under New Jersey law, there’s a fine line between cannabis and marijuana. While they might seem the same, cannabis refers to the plant product regulated by state-licensed businesses, and marijuana to the unregulated, often illicit counterpart.


Planning to take your purchase back home across state lines? That’s still against the law. Don’t make a mistake that you will come to regret.


Prices will vary depending on the dispensary location and the products you select. Keep in mind all transactions include New Jersey sales tax (6.625%) and a social equity excise fee (1/3 of 1%).

Your Data

While dispensaries will need to verify your age, they won’t keep a record of your purchase or copy your ID. You have the option to share your contact information for customer loyalty programs.

Where to Enjoy

Enjoying your purchase is reserved for private settings, with landlords having the right to set their own rules regarding cannabis use on their property.

We encourage all customers to review the official resources provided by for comprehensive guidance on relevant matters.

Posession limits

How much can you carry?

In New Jersey, adults are allowed to possess up to 6 ounces of cannabis. If you’re familiar with terms like an eighth (3.5 grams), a quarter (7 grams), or a half (14 grams), these will come in handy when making sense of how much you can legally carry.

Embark on Your Natural Wellness Journey with Sparkology

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Sharing is Caring

Gifting Cannabis

Feeling generous? You can gift up to 1 ounce of cannabis to another adult, as long as no money changes hands.

Driving on cannabis

A Firm 'No'

And, last but certainly not least, driving while high remains illegal, mirroring laws pertaining to alcohol.

Come Back Again

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